Your friendly neighborhood storyteller.
Jordyn Harrison is a multi-faceted visual communicator with a background in higher education, small business, and non-profit video production. 
As a storyteller, she strives to create emotionally compelling work that inspires people to action, connects them through shared experiences, amplifies marginalized voices, and creates a sense of delight. 
She holds an M.A. in Civic Media from Columbia College Chicago and a B.A. in Advertising from Iowa State University. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature, rediscovering childhood hobbies, writing poetry, and looking for ways to combine her love of dance and filmmaking.
Maybe adventure, is in a new place
with new sights and smells tucked into foreign corners.

Maybe adventure, is in new heights
with the ground glaring at you as you rise above it.

Maybe adventure, is in still moments, slow showers and happy dances
Maybe adventure is in familiar spaces, calling you to reject the notion of being lost and asking you to sink into what just may be, adventure. 
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